Want to take back the country? Start by taking back your own back yard.


Some things look wonderful when seen up close.
Local governments are usually not among them.

If you think the Federal Government is acting more like a helicopter parent every day, I’m convinced that liberals in city and county governments do far more damage to our freedom than other politicians could dream of.  Recently, the City of San Francisco made a clumsy attempt to outlaw Happy Meals because they have too many grams of fat for every Batman toy included, but they’re seriously considering a proposal to build a housing project for homeless alcoholics where the building manager will make beer runs for residents who are too drunk to stumble to the liquor store.

I live 50 miles north of San Francisco, so I could write a whole book about the craziness in my back yard, but unfortunately, liberals, progressives and twits in local government are spread across more zip codes than you can imagine. So in this blog, I’ll bring you local horror stories from coast to coast; from dense urban conglomerations and dinky hamlets alike. What kind of outrages can you find in here? I’ve lumped them into three basic categories: the massive amounts of your money that local governments waste; the stunning intrusions they make on your personal liberty, and the things they do that are so flat-out dumb that nobody could possibly make this stuff up. Three examples:

I find more of these stories every day, and am compiling them into a book with the same title as this blog. But there’s nothing like having a network of eyes and ears who are looking for fresh outrages.  Any time you see a story about an outlandish local government action, send me a short version of the story. Or send me a link to the story in your local paper.

As an added incentive, I offer The MoonPie Award. If you send an item that, in my opinion, proves you have the looniest local government in America, you and your elected body could win a dozen Double Decker Banana Marshmallow MoonPies each. Imagine their delight when you present this award at their next public meeting.

I hope you enjoy these brief excursions into civic lunacy. But more importantly, I hope you see how close some of this country’s biggest problems are to your own back yard, and that you pay your local city council or county supervisors a visit and tell them exactly what you think.

© 2011 Greg Karraker

One thought on “Want to take back the country? Start by taking back your own back yard.

  1. Greg,
    Awesome little corner of the web you’ve cut away for yourself here!
    I look forward to your work, as looking forward to the next poli-twit has grown tiring!!
    -Still fightin’ in Cotati!

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